Leveraging Jane’s ESP to optimise sports psyche and physical biomechanics

what does a treatment look and feel like…

Jane’s consultancy focuses on four key areas:

  • Physical and bio-mechanical excellence
  • Psychological focus and clarity
    • including a significant reduction in COVID-related stress and PTSD.
  • Unlocking elite performance potential

The fundamental treatments are Multi-layered and Integrated modalities including:

  1. Physical therapy (appropriate and specific therapy) for a player to remediate or prevent injury and build capability.
  2. Biodynamic & synergistic treatment which leads to physical and psychological cohesion at an individual level, a characteristic of elite sports performers
  3. then bringing this together with the other team members, if appropriate, into the integrated Team dynamic using the ESP approach.

While Jane is based in Melbourne, she is able to and does work remotely. This can be facilitated using a proxy (a team physio or conditioning person) who can collaborate with Jane in delivering the appropriate treatment as required.  For these sessions, we use Zoom or Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex video conferencing technologies.

What does an hour with Jane look and feel like?

Before you even arrive, Jane will have created a plan for you. She will have diagnosed some of the energetic challenges that you are facing and the initial treatment modality to be used.  

Her study of the 5,000 year old art of acupuncture was with the world renown JR Worsley, her meditation practise with Jeddah Mali. The combination of these two modalities means that Jane is accessing your subconscious to unleash your “super human” powers which deliver consistent Elite Sports Performance.