Case Studies

To play tomorrow or not to play?

Coming soon – treating international cricketers with a niggling injury that may impact their ability to play in tomorrows ODI.

Confidence to Step Up

Coming soon – the role confidence plays in helping the athlete deliver peak performance

Go Elite or Go Home!

Coming soon – picking yourself up from despair to reach elite sports performance

The domino effect

Coming soon – helping one member of the team can act like a domino and affect (in a good way) the elite sports performance of all the crew!

Winning by a nose – Gold by 0.1 of a second

Coming soon – what if you could run 2 cm further in each stride… gain more ground … and win that Gold medal by 0.1secs. The story of dreaming big supported by Elite Sports Performance

Man’s Best Friend

Coming soon – what if your dog needed help to deliver the required work performance.

Winning by a long nose – the tail that wags the horse

Coming soon – In the same way an athlete can be biomechanically optimised, why not a race horse? if each step was that much longer with no more energy expended, would we see similar results?

Chronic fatigue to Olympic selection

Coming soon – going from bed and couch to Olympic selection

Perfect Synchronicity – the rowing dilemma

Coming soon – how to ensure team work is maximised when no single rower can go any faster than their team mates? achieving Elite Sports Performance in a high pressure true team environment.

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