Jane Grofski

Jane’s Approach

Jane Grofski specialises in assisting top level athletes achieve and maintain elite performance levels by identifying previously unnoticed areas of bio-mechanical and psychological performance limitation and directly facilitating the solution within the player/coach. She has developed a new paradigm in treating elite athletes by synthesizing several therapy modalities with her innate gift of being able to finely sense/see what is going on within a player that common modalities cannot detect – elite sports performance – your peak performance.

Some of Jane’s Experiences…

Jane has 30+ years experience in working with high performance teams and elite individuals across 15+ different sports, including:  

  • the British Olympic track & field team (Linford Christie),  Frankie Fredricks (Namibian team), American Track team (during an event in Greece)
  • English netball & English squash, 
  • Pakistani Women’s cricket team, NZ Rowing, NZ Olympic cyclist (Tour de France competitor)
  • and various Triathlon and Duathlon teams and individuals
  • treating 8 International first-responder teams working post-Christchurch earthquake for their PTSD 
  • Recognised by UN Search & Rescue Advisory Group for contribution to acute and chronic stress diagnosis and treatment. 

Jane’s Qualifications

Jane is a graduate of Otago University (NZ) with BPhEd degree in Exercise Physiology & Biomechanics, an BSc Hons degree in Cardio-respiratory and Neuro-physiology and a Masters in Acupuncture.